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Private Eyes, They’re Watching You

Video games aren’t the only things I dream I’m in. Occasionally I’ve been known to have absurd notions that I am sponsored by a skateboard company and that it puts my eyes on a deck it calls “Private Eyes”. Then the realization that that’ll never happen brings me home. Now, Zazzle.com is making my dreams come true (minus the getting ...

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The SoulArc Skateboard Is A Board Within A Board

In an effort to exhibit the sense of surfing in skateboarding, Mitch Mulder came up with this design during a class project at Kendall College of Art and Design. After realizing he made a worthwhile draft he partnered up with Salvaore Vilardi to attempt to market the board. It looks way more fun to mess around with than that 360. ...

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The 10 Best Companies That Create Skateboard Deck Designs

Inventor Spot wrote up a list of 10 companies they feel create great skateboard deck designs. The companies listed are well known skateboard developers that focus on designs that are anything but ordinary. Element undoubtedly made the list, as well as a few of my other favorites such as Krooked and Baker. What really disappointed me about the list was ...

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Element Push Deck Rides Like A Beauty

Remember that carbon fiber Element Push deck? We were impressed by the craftsmanship of the board, so the folks at Element sent us one to check out. Specifically, the Atchley Stealth. The precise manufacturing that goes into making this deck is incredible and I’m glad we got our chance to take it for a test ride. We’ve even got a ...

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