Private Eyes, They’re Watching You

Video games aren’t the only things I dream I’m in. Occasionally I’ve been known to have absurd notions that I am sponsored by a skateboard company and that it puts my eyes on a deck it calls “Private Eyes”. Then the realization that that’ll never happen brings me home.

Now, is making my dreams come true (minus the getting sponsored part) with the launch of their custom skateboard deck shop. Throw your design into Zazzle?s customization system, and they?ll print it up and have it out the door within 24 hours. Decks are available in a variety of different designs and sizes to fit any style you’re going for. Starting at $60, it’s only slightly more than a standard deck design you’d purchase at a skate store and almost half the price of Element’s Push Deck. The difference is that this deck can have any design on it. And I do mean anything.

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