Games I Dream I’m In

We all have games that indirectly inspire our dreams. There may be even some that give us nightmares. Some games you can’t help but wish you were the main character of just so you can get with the princess at the end of the story. Hit the jump to see the games that I dream I’m in, whether it be a dream of cold steel and dungeons or espionage and poison capped teeth.

I assemble burgers while being chased by food, in my dreams.

My street gang is the toughest in the city, in my dreams.

Why settle for a mere ninja? I’m a ninja commando in my dreams.

My friends and I like to pole vault across rooftops…in my dreams.

Dinosaurs are my friend – in my dreams.

I kick ass in my dreams.

I am destined for great things…in my dreams.

I do not follow the rule of the oracle in my dreams.

I collect drugs from an evil wizard and hang with a green dragon. What?

I am a battle-mage in my dreams.

I hold the princess for ransom – in my dreams.

I guide a beautiful woman to safety – in my dreams.

I rescue babes and kill everyone who opposes me. Seriously. In my dreams.

I’m trippin’ out – in my dreams.

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