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Private Eyes, They’re Watching You

Video games aren’t the only things I dream I’m in. Occasionally I’ve been known to have absurd notions that I am sponsored by a skateboard company and that it puts my eyes on a deck it calls “Private Eyes”. Then the realization that that’ll never happen brings me home. Now, Zazzle.com is making my dreams come true (minus the getting ...

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Nike PhotoiD Campaign

Who doesn’t love Nike? Between their excellent sportswear and baller shoes, Nike is always pushing boundaries in the art world. The latest project to come from the most popular athletic shoe manufacturer is Nike PhotoiD, a new art movement/marketing gimmick that lets users take photos of cool things they see in real life and apply it to a custom-designed pair ...

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The Pebble: The MP3 object designed with Mother Nature in mind

Nonobject design is paving a path through the design world based on what they like to call “design fiction”. Or in other words, concepts that are pretty out there. The Pebble is a MP3 player themed after nature. Each would have a totally unique design, with its own contours and off-color areas setting it apart from the other players. Even ...

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The Keyboard is sure to start the party up

Razzle dazzle may not be a word you normally hear used to describe a computer keyboard, but Luxiium’s Luxeed sparkles like no other keyboard before it. Each key can be personalized with a choice of 512 colors with pre-made color templates preloaded. Not only colors can be changed, but rhythm. The skins can be coordinated to move to the beat ...

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