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Fallout Invades Your Blackberry

If you have a Blackberry and fancy yourself a Fallout 3 fan, then you’re in luck. Some modder created a working Pip-Boy theme for the Blackberry that works quite well. It comes in green and blue. It works on the Blackberry Curve so people with other models will have to do a little tweaking or just make their own. Link ...

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T-Mobile, RIM Announce Blackberry Curve 8900

T-Mobile has been long overdue for a new RIM device and the Blackberry Curve 8900 will do just fine. The phone will drop sometime next month and has plenty of features that make us drool with jealousy. Try out some WiFi, GPS, headphone jack, microSD slots and of course, myFaves for size. Too rough for ya? Didn’t think so. All ...

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The Nokia E63: Goin’ Plastic

Nokia has formally launched its latest handheld device, the E63, as a budget alternative to the E71 and a competitor to RIM’s Blackberry. The E63 sports a 3.5mm audio port, a two megapixel camera with LED flash in addition to a microSD card slot for extra storage and a redesigned QWERTY keyboard with a smaller space bar and some extra ...

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Qik Streaming Video On Your Blackberry

Ever wanted to stream video live from your favorite ball game? Say, perhaps, a game where the Philadelphia Phillies are absolutely killing that other team. Perfect. We all know you’re a business power user with a Blackberry Bold or Curve. Hell, maybe your wife even has the Pearl. Either way, you should head over to Qik’s website and get the ...

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Element Push Deck Rides Like A Beauty

Remember that carbon fiber Element Push deck? We were impressed by the craftsmanship of the board, so the folks at Element sent us one to check out. Specifically, the Atchley Stealth. The precise manufacturing that goes into making this deck is incredible and I’m glad we got our chance to take it for a test ride. We’ve even got a ...

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