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Morbid Knitting For Psychopaths

These morbid creations bear a creepy resemblance to that severed horse head plush we wrote about and they’re also more blood-soaked than that Army Of Darkness knit doll. Knit creations become a little more bizarre when carrots are killing rabbits and pink unicorns are out for blood. Andieman26 posted these on his Flickr account and now I’m questioning his better ...

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Pixelate Those Pretty Graphics

The Pixelation forum came up with a neat contest for it’s users. They poked at the question, “what would modern games look like on an original Gameboy?” They ask their users to re-create screenshots of their favorite modern games in pixelated Gameboy-form. You’ll find games like Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max, Flashback (not so modern but very ...

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The 10 Best Companies That Create Skateboard Deck Designs

Inventor Spot wrote up a list of 10 companies they feel create great skateboard deck designs. The companies listed are well known skateboard developers that focus on designs that are anything but ordinary. Element undoubtedly made the list, as well as a few of my other favorites such as Krooked and Baker. What really disappointed me about the list was ...

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A glimpse of how Windows Vista could have looked like

The new Windows Vista system is system-resource hungry, making your Core 2 Duo PC run like a PDA. The program itself isn’t cheap either, those who can’t afford it either go for illegal copies, or choose not to upgrade at all; but you got to give it to them, the new user interface (UI) does look good. Today we came ...

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