Morbid Knitting For Psychopaths

These morbid creations bear a creepy resemblance to that severed horse head plush we wrote about and they’re also more blood-soaked than that Army Of Darkness knit doll. Knit creations become a little more bizarre when carrots are killing rabbits and pink unicorns are out for blood.

Andieman26 posted these on his Flickr account and now I’m questioning his better judgment. Could he be the next Minneapolis Mangler? With knit creations like these, I wouldn’t put it past the guy.

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  1. Pretty dumb n’ creepy. Thanks for the photo collage 😉

  2. that’s not knitting, it’s crochet and it’s by Patricia Waller is her website

  3. I think I must have the cat with its entrails seeping out.

  4. They are the most adorable things I’ve seen, personally I hate stuffed animals but these, i just might put one in every stocking this Christmas.

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