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Everyone Knows LEGO Figures Smoke Pot and Play Jazz

Or at least I’m assuming that’s the deal with Michael Jasper’s jazzy LEGO creation, which features Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon jamming out. My favorite part, aside from the well-crafted instruments, is the hair and face of the bass player. Look at that blonde doo! And that smile is too devilish for words. They must have that reefer madness that’s ...

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Morbid Knitting For Psychopaths

These morbid creations bear a creepy resemblance to that severed horse head plush we wrote about and they’re also more blood-soaked than that Army Of Darkness knit doll. Knit creations become a little more bizarre when carrots are killing rabbits and pink unicorns are out for blood. Andieman26 posted these on his Flickr account and now I’m questioning his better ...

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Marshall Alexander: Master of Papercraft

Holy cow! I thought I had seen it all when it came to papercraft until I stumbled upon Marshall Alexander’s site. His Foldskool Heroes series of papercraft creatures are incredibly detailed and a lot fun to look at. Some look like video game consoles, some resemble a PB&J sandwich and others are just born from imagination. He’s made a few ...

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Little Big Planet: Early Hands On

This weekend I happened to acquire a nice PS3 as well as a copy of Little Big Planet. If you haven’t heard, the game isn’t supposed to go on sale until Tuesday due to some issues with the game’s music. I’ve been playing it with my roommate for a day or two and I gotta say it’s impressive. It reminds ...

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Meaning of Time: Design Your Own Clock

From designer Bomi Kim comes the Meaning of Time, a clock that is designed to let you use whatever you please as hour and minute hands. Just ate Japanese? Throw some chopsticks in there for good measure. Though the diagram for Meaning of Time says you can insert anything into the two holes (that’s what she said!), I suggest you ...

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