Tamagotchi-style Human Player is disturbing in a mini-me kind of way


Anyone who lived through the 90’s remembers the Tamagotchi virtual pet games. You couldn’t walk out the door without seeing ten children toting them. Now, from the same company that brought you the Tamagotchi, Bandai presents the Human Player, a virtual you. Before you start to play, you take a 50 question personality test that determines the actions of the on-screen mini-you. There are 22 different personality results.

Once you have your personality type pegged down, you can interact with other virtual people in your game and can even beam yourself to other peoples worlds using infrared, to interact with people in their world. Is this not disturbing? Catch the jump for a crazy Japanese video intro.

[ev type=”youtube” data=”l7BClaQ2ZoU”][/ev]

Andrew Dobrow

Human Player [Asovision, via Technabob]

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  1. i love the human player and i would love it even more if i had one so please someone in america tell me how th get one

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