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RPG Piggy Bank Wastes Your Time And Your Stomach

Would a piggy bank that can save up to $465.46 dollars encourage you to abandon the console RPG you’re playing in favor of hording your money in this game? Staring at it in astonishment, amazed by the fact that it’s a RPG on a piggy bank. You’ll mindlessly drop coins in it, one at a time, at a slow pace. ...

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Tamagotchi-style Human Player is disturbing in a mini-me kind of way

Anyone who lived through the 90’s remembers the Tamagotchi virtual pet games. You couldn’t walk out the door without seeing ten children toting them. Now, from the same company that brought you the Tamagotchi, Bandai presents the Human Player, a virtual you. Before you start to play, you take a 50 question personality test that determines the actions of the ...

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