Talk to the wheels with the REAL Porsche cellphone


After seeing the cigarette phone and the detachable retro phone, this Porsche cellphone could be even more sensational. First off it’s shaped like a Porsche (kind of), flip it over and it’s a cellphone! There’s a Porsche logo up there and we have no idea if the random Chinese company had any sense of copyrights in mind, but who cares? Porsche won’t make phones anyway. Look closely at the windshield and you’ll find the camera. Specs were literally unknown, so we phoned up the shop ourselves.

The Porsche911 (ironically this is indeed the index for the phone) runs on Dualband GSM, houses a 262K color screen and a 2 megapixels camera. It supports microSD up to 1GB, plays MP3 and MP4. You can pick up the phone in downtown Hong Kong for $164 now. —Sam Chan


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  1. we are interested in these phones for the south african market

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