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Porsche Panamera Unveiled

Jesus Christ, Porsche. Tom Cruise would have never done Risky Business had he known one day you’d be coming out with a four-door sport sedan. The Panamera is just that but don’t let the extra set of doors fool you. Starting at $89,000 the Panamera is aimed to be the premiere luxury car of 2010. Wondering how fast it goes? ...

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Inflatable Porsche Runs On Mexican Food

We’ve got a major energy crisis on our hands. We need as many alternatives to fossil-fuels as possible. It’s a good thing some artist spent countless hours on this life-sized inflatable Porsche Carrera. Simply unplug it, sit on the thing and the escaping air will propel you to your destination. So long as your destination is five feet in front ...

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This Fire Truck Can Really Haul Ass

Actually, it’s not so much a ‘fire truck” as it is a “fire Porsche Cayenne S”—and it was spotted on the streets of Moscow. I suppose it could be used as a quick response vehicle, but my guess is that the FD picked it up so they would look cooler than the cops. More pictures after the jump.

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Talk to the wheels with the REAL Porsche cellphone

After seeing the cigarette phone and the detachable retro phone, this Porsche cellphone could be even more sensational. First off it’s shaped like a Porsche (kind of), flip it over and it’s a cellphone! There’s a Porsche logo up there and we have no idea if the random Chinese company had any sense of copyrights in mind, but who cares? ...

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