The ultimate smokers’ phone HOLDS real cigarettes


In order to appeal to billions of smokers in China, a company has brought out this ultimate cigarette phone. Not only does it look like a pack of cigarettes (the exact size and the exact warning labels concerning health), it actually holds half a pack of REAL cigarettes on the back. All you need to do is to slide open the battery cover and you’re set to make new friends. The phone itself runs on dualband GSM, takes microSD cards, plays MP3, has a color screen and a VGA camera on the side. For $175 you will get a whole luxurious VIP kit with the phone, a pack of Chonghwa branded cigarettes as well as a lighter. More pics after the jump.




Sam Chan

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  1. Where’s the lighter???

  2. top picture in the VIP pack, between the phone and the real pack of cigarette 😉

  3. Where do i buy it?? and kan i buy it with Not chineese letters?


  5. hong kong

    there should be english menu (bilingual)

  6. ich will so ein handy bestellen

  7. kool…looks sure will be admired by lots of die hard smokers

  8. Lol i want it so bad it turns me on

  9. where can i order 1 preferably online if not is there anywhere in northern jersey that i can get 1

  10. oh n how much would it cost with just the phone no vip pack

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