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Steam’s Pretty Awesome Stickless Controller!

Steam Controller

We talked about Steam earlier this week but today we're talking about them again as they unveil their awesome new joystick-less controller. The new Steam controller has no joysticks, rather it utilizes trackpads instead. The new controller also features much more accessible buttons than other controller options currently on the market.

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More Left 4 Dead Arts And Crafts

The tank is back. This time around he’s not throwing cars and crushing skulls with lifeless paper arms. No sir, this tank is born anew thanks to Craftster user windgie79 who crocheted Amigurumi dolls of the entire infected cast of Left 4 Dead for her husband. The witch, the hunter, the boomer, the tank, the smoker — that’s all of ...

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Etsy Store Steampunk Galore

I was just looking through Etsy user Edmdesigns’ store, and I must say – she does fine work. If you’re into the steampunk stuff we cover, like that spectacular ergonomic keyboard and non-functional headset, then you’ll go ape shit for some of the designs she’s come up with. From steampunk cufflinks to steampunk bow ties, this store has 217 items ...

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Cane Promises Sights Other Canes Don’t

In our modern metrosexual-filled era, one always has to look suave. Crippled or not, walking sticks make anyone look snazzy. However, not everyone is into steampunk gear, like this gimp mask. That’s alright though, because this cane has a certain level of class to it. The telescope mounted on it is collapsible and concealable within the walking stick’s solid African ...

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Bring Out The Gimp With A Steampunk Gasmask

Steampunk Gas Mask 9 is a new take on gimp suits everywhere. You wouldn’t wear this in public, so why not sport it during steamy sadomasochistic adventures with your significant other in the privacy of your bedroom? The designer Bob Basset is either into bondage masks or some other freaky shit we never knew existed. A Soviet-era gas mask enhanced ...

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Mirror Windshield Wiper, or How I Learned To Love The Steam

When me and my Vietnamese house boy take our weekly shower together (if he’s not too sore from his daily flogging), things can get pretty hot and steamy. The only problem with that is afterwards, I like to marvel at my adonis-like physique, which is pretty difficult when the mirror is fogged over. This Windshield Wiper Mirror is a cool ...

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