Steam Announces A Family Sharing Option To Come

If you’re a fan of Steam – and lets face it, what serious PC gamer isn’t? Then you’re going to love today’s announcement from the gaming library company! Steam announced Steam Family Sharing!


To be made available soon in limited beta, the Steam family sharing plan will allow Steam users to share their games with close friends and family members. What does this mean aside from “free” games? Well, it means that you can play to earn your own Steam achievements and save your gaming progress without interrupting the progress of your friends or family members! How does it work? All you need is an authorized computer that has been added to the gaming account in question and you’re free to play their games!

Is there a catch to this new sharing system? Well, sort of. A single gaming library can only be accessed by one user at a time which is perfect if you have a family member half way across the world or one who works the graveyard shift but it could be problematic otherwise.

A limited beta of the Steam family sharing plan will launch next week.

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