Steam’s Pretty Awesome Stickless Controller!

We talked about Steam earlier this week but today we’re talking about them again as they unveil their awesome new joystick-less controller.

Steam Controller

The new Steam controller has no joysticks, rather it utilizes trackpads instead. The new controller also features much more accessible buttons than other controller options currently on the market. Many are looking at this new controller as a type of hybrid between the mouse and the video game controller and they wouldn’t be far wrong. What else does this new controller offer? See that square in the center? It’s a touchscreen…yes, we said touchscreen.

The new controller announcement comes shortly after the SteamOS announcement from Steam; however, the controller is not going to exclusively be part of the OS deal. That means that no matter what version of Steam you favor, you can still check out the controller for your Steam game play.

There is no date available on shipping for these babies yet, but they are rumored to start shipping out at the end of this year sometime, stay tuned for more details to come.

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