Bring Out The Gimp With A Steampunk Gasmask

Steampunk Gas Mask 9 is a new take on gimp suits everywhere. You wouldn’t wear this in public, so why not sport it during steamy sadomasochistic adventures with your significant other in the privacy of your bedroom? The designer Bob Basset is either into bondage masks or some other freaky shit we never knew existed.

A Soviet-era gas mask enhanced with refined leather and brass makes for either an excellent Halloween costume or some kinky experiences in the sack. Just make sure you don’t leave it out in the rain or get fluids on it, OK?

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  1. Haha! This gas mask I think, is not very ideal to be used when there happens any event such as biological warfare, air pollution and air contamination. Rather, it is best be used in costume parties. It is a cool way of showcasing the world’s past. Haha!

    Come on, you inventors. If you tend to make a useful device, please be a bit fashionable and modern.

  2. Czar, you just don’t get it.

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