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Shepard Fairey For Saks Fifth Avenue

Iconic OBEY designer Shepard Fairey has partnered with house of fashion Saks Fifth Avenue to create a series of stylish shopping bags. Each bag says “WANT IT!” in classic Fairey form. Big block letters, Soviet-era graphics; everything you’d expect from the guy who told you that Andrea the Giant had a posse. Some would call Shepard a sellout for doing ...

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Bring Out The Gimp With A Steampunk Gasmask

Steampunk Gas Mask 9 is a new take on gimp suits everywhere. You wouldn’t wear this in public, so why not sport it during steamy sadomasochistic adventures with your significant other in the privacy of your bedroom? The designer Bob Basset is either into bondage masks or some other freaky shit we never knew existed. A Soviet-era gas mask enhanced ...

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