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NASA Photo Chronicles First-Ever Astronaut Jetpack Excursion

You probably don't know this, but February 12th, 1984 was an incredible day for space exploration. No, we didn't discover a new galaxy, or make a huge technological advancement in the area of extraterrestrial communication. However, an astronaut did attempt the first-ever exploratory maneuver that took him further away from his ship than had ever been attempted.

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Amazing Photo of Mars Rover’s Destroyed Heat Shield

NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover has been sending back some really incredible photography detailing the unique landscape on Mars. This week, NASA released a true color-rendered photo showing the debris of the Opportunity's heat shield, which was destroyed during impact.

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iPhone, HD Video Camcorder Launched Into Space with the Camera Rolling

Meet our two new national heroes. You might even have a pair of heroes living under your own roof. Luke Geissbuhler and his son (not the heroes) took an iPhone and an HD video camera (there they are!), enclosed in a Styrofoam block attached to a specially-designed weather balloon, and launched the devices 19 miles into the sky. As the ...

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