iPhone, HD Video Camcorder Launched Into Space with the Camera Rolling

Meet our two new national heroes. You might even have a pair of heroes living under your own roof. Luke Geissbuhler and his son (not the heroes) took an iPhone and an HD video camera (there they are!), enclosed in a Styrofoam block attached to a specially-designed weather balloon, and launched the devices 19 miles into the sky.

As the balloon lurched beyond the Earth’s atmosphere the iPhone kept a GPS record of the balloon’s trail, the HD camcorder captured some of the most incredible amateur space photography ever shot. After its journey to 19 miles, the balloon burst, sending the devices plummeting back to Earth, where it landed only 30 miles from the launch spot in Newburgh, NY.

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  1. What a project !
    How ever . . . .
    Did you check w/ FAA ??

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