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DIY: Glowing Multipurpose Pushbuttons

Making your own arcade unit? What about some other DIY project that uses buttons? Buttons that don’t glow are mundane and unattractive, so why not make your own illuminating buttons? Playing arcade games in the dark is tough without being able to see what button you’re mashing down upon. Thankfully, Hacknmod has written up a great how to guide on ...

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Fake LG KE970 Shine: same size, same weight, priced less than $100

LG was sending out warning letters to shops threatening to take legal actions should they sell/ display the Chinese clone of LG Shine, we never understood why they’re so uptight about it until we saw this today. We learned that the the clone is called Diamond KG70 Shine, and from what we see, it looks almost like the original. With ...

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LG threatens to sue copycats before launching SHINE

Comparing to Nokia, LG is doing a far better job in handling illegal “replicas”. That is, they act before the replicas had the chance to become popular, before their own product starts selling, and most importantly before they have to hire a law firm. Across the Easter weekend LG has issued a warning letter to shops in Hong Kong warning ...

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LG makes calligraphy Shine

We’ve all seen the LG Shine (LG-SV420), it’s the full silver metal-brushed slider that has caught so much attention that Samsung decided to copy it. Supposedly, the LG Shine design will be used on GSM phones in 2007, LG hopes to repeat the Chololate sensation. This week LG announced a limited Designer’s Edition to the Shiney slider, with beautiful Korean ...

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