LG makes calligraphy Shine

lg shine

We’ve all seen the LG Shine (LG-SV420), it’s the full silver metal-brushed slider that has caught so much attention that Samsung decided to copy it. Supposedly, the LG Shine design will be used on GSM phones in 2007, LG hopes to repeat the Chololate sensation. This week LG announced a limited Designer’s Edition to the Shiney slider, with beautiful Korean Hangul Calligraphy engraved at the back. See? You can make something look good without copying the RAZR. Take a look at a video we dug up, showing you the Shine in action.

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lg shine

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  1. how can you get your phone with that writing on the back?

  2. it’s laser engraved in factory

  3. How much is it with the design on the back?

  4. what does the korean engrave on the back mean?
    and would the price increase with it on the back?

  5. The engravings on the back, I have no idea, but the price would go up, it could be considered a limited edition of sorts to raise the price, and/or the fact that it has the laser engraving that costs money would bulk up the price. Still though it looks pretty cool… just have fun keeping the front surface clean and scratch free.

  6. Pile a’ Wank Pal!

  7. can someone email to [email protected] information aobut the engraving, how much would it cost, and where to get it.

  8. it is only available in Korea for the Korean EVDO version of LG Shine. Hong Kong has recently released a special edition with engraving dedicated to fans of singer Andy Lau. no plans, news on whether similar campaigns will go to other countries.

  9. beh3a2iddddddddddddddddd its gd so badeh jibo 😉

  10. I had a friend bring me my phone back from hong kong.The Andy Lau edition cost me $280.00 canadian .I know you can purchase the Andy lau edition on ebay for around $280 – $ 380,I think the price differance between the two phones is about $ 40.00. I hope this helps

  11. can someone email to [email protected] information about the engraving, how much would it cost, and where to get it. and also where to get different metal covers for the shine

  12. is this phone for sale in british columbia any where yet??

  13. alexander lewis thorne

    dude its a phone

  14. whats ur point?

  15. I already have the LG! Trust me it’s worth the money.

  16. can you get the engraving on the gold version of the phone? and is it still not available in Europe?

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