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LG Optimus G Pro In White For ATT Customers!

LG Optimus G Pro

It's all about mobile releases these days and the LG Optimus G Pro is no exception when it comes to mobile news. According to @evleaks, ATT customers are going to see a white version of the LG Optimus G Pro in the coming months.

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Movie Posters From Alternate Angles

Movie posters are almost as much a part of pop culture as movies are themselves. A good poster can make or break an opening weekend. Ad agency Y&R created these awesome alternate angle movie posters for LG's 3D sound advertising campaign.

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Win Big: 12 Days of Bluetooth Technology

Everyone likes giveaways, unless of course that giveaway has to be won by submitting a picture of you posing as Alfred E. Neuman. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is announcing the 12 hottest Bluetooth enabled products for the 2008 holiday season by launching a giveaway event on Bluetooth.com. These products were hand selected to highlight fun, gift worthy Bluetooth enabled ...

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LG’s Latest Portable DVD Player

LG makes every product under the sun. You name it, LG probably mass produces it. LG also enjoys marketing bizarre combination of electronic equipment. Take this 8″ portable DVD player, the LG DP889. Little excessive on the numbers, don’t you think? Well, this portable DVD player not only works as a normal CD player but it also happens to be ...

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Verizon Adds Visual Voicemail To Lineup

Verizon customers may have great reception, but they usually get the shaft when it comes to the latest and greatest cellphones and features. Finally, Verizon is offering something that the iPhone can give users: visual voicemail. For $3 extra a month, you’ll be able to browse through your voicemail with a GUI and see who left you a message. Users ...

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Exclusive: Mystery LG Phone Patent Revealed

While searching around recent patents I came across this interesting looking LG device patent which was released on October 2nd. The design looks to have a slider standard keypad, with a vertical candy bar like form. The front of the phone sort of resembles the LG enV, yet it does’t seem as though it has a clamshell QWERTY keypad. The ...

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Fake LG KE970 Shine: same size, same weight, priced less than $100

LG was sending out warning letters to shops threatening to take legal actions should they sell/ display the Chinese clone of LG Shine, we never understood why they’re so uptight about it until we saw this today. We learned that the the clone is called Diamond KG70 Shine, and from what we see, it looks almost like the original. With ...

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LG threatens to sue copycats before launching SHINE

Comparing to Nokia, LG is doing a far better job in handling illegal “replicas”. That is, they act before the replicas had the chance to become popular, before their own product starts selling, and most importantly before they have to hire a law firm. Across the Easter weekend LG has issued a warning letter to shops in Hong Kong warning ...

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New LG HDTVs play and record your video all by itself

LG has just announced 37 inch, 42 inch, and 47 inch LCD TVs, as well as 50 and 60 inch plasmas. What is so special about these large HDTVs? Each and every one has an integrated digital video recorder coupled with a 160GB hard drive. Take that TiVo. You also get dual tuners so that you can either record two ...

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