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LG L226WT LCD, the first “Vista Ready” Screen

For reasons unbeknown to us, LG’s new 22″ LCD monitor comes equipped with a “Vista Ready” sticker attached on the screen. For the non-tech savvy, this could turn out to be a nightmare. “Oh God! Why does that monitor say Vista Ready, and the one I already bought for Christmas doesn’t! AHH I always get the wrong thing!”. Will this ...

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New LG ‘e-Book’ Concept is Gas-Guzzler

LG has unveiled a new concept laptop they call the ‘e-Book’. No, this isn’t an eBook reader. It’s a forward-thinking laptop, sporting an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen (which is much more energy-efficient than an ordinary LCD screen), a second OLED screen for the keyboard, and a fuel-cell battery. Here’s where things get confusing. Some sources report the battery uses ...

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