LG L226WT LCD, the first “Vista Ready” Screen


For reasons unbeknown to us, LG’s new 22″ LCD monitor comes equipped with a “Vista Ready” sticker attached on the screen. For the non-tech savvy, this could turn out to be a nightmare. “Oh God! Why does that monitor say Vista Ready, and the one I already bought for Christmas doesn’t! AHH I always get the wrong thing!”. Will this marketing ploy help this screen sell? It just might, but who had to kiss Mr.Gates’ ass to get these logo’s first? Anyway, innuendo’s aside, we guess that what LG is trying to get at is that Vista looks purely kick-ass on their screen. What they don’t tell you is that Vista would look kick-ass on any 22″ screen. Poor retailers. God help them with how many times they are going to have to explain the sticker.. This 22-incher (I swear, it’s that big) has a resolution of 1680×1050, a 5ms response time, DV-D, and 170 degrees of viewing area. Basically, it has every feature that an average wide screen has, except the addition of a sticker and “Vista Aero Glass”, which we suppose is supposed to mean something, but really doesn’t make a difference. For shame. — Andrew Dobrow

L226WT, the 22″ Vista Ready screen [Akihabaranews]

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  1. yer forgetting the 3000:1 contrast ratio which is not standard

  2. While this is not “standard”, it’s certainly not needed for Vista to run or to be a “Vista approved” monitor

  3. random guy googling through

    Part of what makes it “vista ready” is vista’s HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) which basically will prevent you from watching high definition content on a “non-approved” device.

    So yes, there’s actually a reason to plaster this all over. If you’re not familiar with these new vista “features” here’s some additional info (http://arstechnica.com/articles/paedia/hardware/hdcp-vista.ars). Believe it or not most monitors aren’t “vista ready” in this sense, and that’s a real problem for consumers.

  4. He's a thinker

    HDCP is great if you want to spend more of your money to limit yourself to accessing certain media content. Seriously, why do I want to spend more on a LCD that limits me! Count me as one of the people that will not fall victim paying for companies to reduce copyright infringements. I do not copy DVD�s and if I did I definitely wouldn�t want this. Either way why should I have to pay extra for something I don’t need? Oh and another thing, how long do you think it will take for someone to bypass the code needed to descramble the next gen DVDs. The only way that you will not be able to play or run material is if you buy a device with this built in. A good example is a monitor like this. So Mr. Dobrow that you are correct about the overpricing, but there is something special about Vista ready monitors; the fact that they limit you, and YOU are paying for it. Also the article that Random Guy wrote is just a mass propaganda scam to make as many people scared of missing the so-called new age product as they can before people realize that it’s crap.

  5. You have to be kidding

    Limit yourself??? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The monitor is classified as “Vista Ready” because it is HDCP compliant. All that means is that it is a monitor that is compatible with and capable of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD palyback…nothing more. The monitor in no way limits you, in fact it’s the polar opposite. Buying and using this monitor will not prevent you from burning CD’s or DVD’s (whether you are doing so legally or not). Yes it’s true that you don’t need a “Vista Certified” monitor in order to use Vista, all the sticker implies is that the device is optimized to take advantage of some of features that come along with the OS/newer devices and programs. Sure the “Vista” sticker is a bit of a gimmick and that sticker alone will helps sell this product to those who don’t know any better, but the fact remains this is a solid product…..and price wise, maybe it’s overpriced wherever you are but here it’s more than reasonable for a 22″ display ($300 -$350 CDN).

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