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Blizzard recruiting new faces for next-gen MMO game develoment

With recent confirmation of a sequel to the ever-popular Starcraft series of games, rumors and predictions have been floating around that either Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 will be somehow involved in the MMORPG gaming market. Blizzard is now further expanding this rumor with a job listing posted in the Employment section of their website. The listing describes the position ...

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NiGHTS 2: Journey of Dreams officially confirmed by Sega Japan

Sega finally officially confirmed the sequel in its NiGHTS series, Nights: Journey of Dreams. After a decade of waiting, Sega fans let out a huge sigh of triumph with the announcement that NiGHTS 2 is officially in the works for the Wii. Other than the logo and a small sampling of artwork, information is scant about the sequel. Much like ...

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