Starcraft 2 confirmed? And more from Blizzard: Will it be MMO? Oh, gee-whiz we hope so!


Blizzard has tipped sources that an announcement with much more detail regarding Starcraft 2, the sequel to the highly successful original, will be released at the World Wide Invitational, next month in Seoul, South Korea. For now, Blizzard has been keeping pretty mum about anything regarding a new Starcraft, and really, who could blame them.

According to a Korean site, Blizzard is currently developing the Starcraft sequel with 3D graphics. Could there be a surprise World of Starcraft in the future? Oh, how that would make me squirm with anticipation. Playing the first game on Battle.Net was such a ground breaking adventure for everyone when the first game was popular. Now take WoW, and mix in tech and the future, and you have yourself the greatest selling game of all-time. — Andrew Dobrow


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