NiGHTS 2: Journey of Dreams officially confirmed by Sega Japan


Sega finally officially confirmed the sequel in its NiGHTS series, Nights: Journey of Dreams. After a decade of waiting, Sega fans let out a huge sigh of triumph with the announcement that NiGHTS 2 is officially in the works for the Wii. Other than the logo and a small sampling of artwork, information is scant about the sequel. Much like the first game, players control the Nights as they defend themselves from the evil Nightmaren Demons.

In the official press statement by Sega Japan, JoD producer Takashi Iizuka says “…Nights will soar through a new dream world. A new stage, a new story, and a new plaftorm, the Wii. Please look forward to the new adventure of Nights and friends.” NiGHTS 2 is expected for release in the winter. — Andrew Dobrow


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