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The Importance of Data Encryption in Mobile App Security

safety and security of data

In today’s digital era, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. From banking transactions to social interactions, we heavily rely on these applications for various activities. However, with the increasing reliance comes the inevitable challenge of ensuring the safety and security of data being processed and stored by these apps. This article delves deep into the ...

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What are Hard Plastic Badge Holders and Things to Check While Buying One?

Plastic card holders

It is vital to store your badge safely, ensuring it is free from damage. Despite taking the utmost precautions, it can be challenging to do so because they remain unprotected. Badge holders are the way out, as they help you keep them safely and conveniently. These are available in rigid or soft flexible styles, each with distinct benefits.  While a ...

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What Are the Best Practices to Keep Business Data Safe?

Cybercrimes and scams happen almost daily across the world. Imagine clicking on a certain email attachment, and the company’s data and the entire network becomes encrypted with a virus, and now your company or the organization you work for is forced to pay in order for the attackers to decrypt it. The aftermath of those attacks is becoming serious, with ...

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Data Masking Best Practices That Every Designer Should Know

Data masking is a crucial step in any data processing and analysis application, but it’s not enough to simply apply a data masking solution. You need to be aware of best practices to make sure your users and your data are safe. Data masking is the art of adding a layer of anonymity to sensitive data. It allows users to ...

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How Important is Security for Online Businesses in 2016?

Security has always been an important aspect of doing business online. However, consumers are far more concerned about security when buying online now more than ever. Part of this is due to high profile cases of hackings and identity theft reported in the media, and the rest is explained by increased consumer awareness. It is highly unlikely that a consumer ...

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How VPN’s Could Save The World

Imagine living in a world where everything you read or look at, every single piece of communication and correspondence, every virtual piece of information that you create is monitored, siphoned through with a microscope and filtered.

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