This Machine Prints Messages That Self-Destruct

The series Mission: Impossible made the line a household phrase: “This tape will self-destructive in five seconds…” BOOOOOM! Ok, it was more like a fizzle. But in my head, these explosions blew up half the city, alright? Leave me alone.

This machine prints messages that actually self-destruct. After a short time, the messages burst into flames. Taking your eyebrows with it.

While the messages are printed on normal receipt-type paper, the document is treated with glycerol and a potassium salt as it’s being printed. When these compounds combine, they produce fire.

In the era of NSA involvement in every aspect of your life, I sort of think this is a great idea. Ok. I’ve made my decision. If you want to contact me, this is the only way I’ll except correspondence. Good bye cruel world. *turns off computer and frolics into the woods*




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