How Important is Security for Online Businesses in 2016?


Security has always been an important aspect of doing business online. However, consumers are far more concerned about security when buying online now more than ever. Part of this is due to high profile cases of hackings and identity theft reported in the media, and the rest is explained by increased consumer awareness. It is highly unlikely that a consumer would want to continue buying from your site if he or she perceives your site to be insecure. Read ahead to find out why security is important for online businesses in 2016, and what you can do to make your online business more secure.

Cyber Attacks are on the Rise

There is more news of cyber breaches at companies now being reported in the media. The Sony hack that revealed internal emails of well-known entertainment figures was widely publicized. Then there was the controversial Ashley Madison hack that revealed personal data such as credit card information, and led to at least one suicide.

A British survey discovered that at least 65% of the large firms headquartered in the country experienced one or more cyber breaches in 2015, and about a quarter of these companies experienced a breach at least once a month. Note that these are large firms. They can afford to withstand a breach or two. However, a small or medium sized online business can go completely bust with just one breach.

When news of such cyber attacks are published, customers are more vigilant about whom they buy from. No one wants an Ashley Madison type of scenario where their most intimate financial details are disclosed to the public. Therefore, it’s paramount that online businesses assure their customers complete security when browsing products and surfing.

Everyone Has an Ad Blocker Now

Your online business might have noticed that more and more consumers are choosing ad blocking extensions when browsing the web. No one wants annoying ads to ruin their browsing experience for one. Also, consumers know that popup and similar ads pose a security risk. When customers take such measures to safeguard their data online, your online business should not continue to use dubious ads on the official site. Get rid of pay-per-click ads and get a verified domain to allow customers to trust your online business.

Ignoring Security Updates can be Fatal

Small online businesses, in particular, underestimate the security threats hackers and data thieves pose. Be assured that these threats are very real and all businesses, not just the big corporations, are at risk. If your customers are concerned about these risks, so should your business. If you ignore to update the security protocols already in place on your site, you are putting your company at risk for malicious malware and hackers. Your company should contact Syntax IT Support London for details on how to update or upgrade your security system to avoid a Sony-like scenario.

Even before Edward Snowden revealed NSA surveillance, customers have cared about online privacy. Most don’t like it when sites track their online presence for advertising purposes. Surveys indicate that consumers might stop using a site if that site stores cookies or other data making them vulnerable to hacking. Cyber security is at the forefront when determining modern consumer buying behavior. Therefore, make sure your online business is equipped with the necessary security features.

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