Ecwid Comes Up With a Unique ShopApp For The Small Online Businesses


Ecwid is a third-party e-commerce platform and a groundbreaking shopping cart that effortlessly assimilate with your current site. Additionally, it can be integrated with an extensive range of other online platforms including automated social media sites, and blogs as well as an array of digital devices. Despite the store being replete with highly versatile features, setting the same up on your portal is totally free. That is, you don’t pay any installation or transactional charges for incorporating Ecwid to your online storefront yet reap all its benefits. Adding further to its portfolio, Ecwid has recently launched the ShopApp. Ecwid is the first among all to introduce a solution of this kind for its customers. Let us look at what this new addition has on offer:

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of making this app is to allow merchants to offer their own branded mobile applications to their customers. The app can be used by both the iOS and Android users.
  2. The USP: In order to launch your application, you need to pay for getting them developed or code them yourself. However, with this app around, the task gets a lot easier. Yes, you will not need to write a single code to develop your own app.

What it does?

The application has the ability of automatically synchronizing the web store of the customer. Hence, there is virtually no cost that needs to be paid for creating as well as maintaining a mobile store. It is a native ecommerce app that can easily be integrated with your own online store.

What are its benefits?

It is meant to be used by small online businesses and help them to leverage potential that the mobile commerce industry has on offer. With this around, they can easily compete with large competitors and that too confidently. Some of the benefits which it offers has been summarized below:

  1. Economical yet a native ecommerce app that can be used by one and all.
  2. No technical training or skills required to setup.
  3. No need to submit the app on iTunes and Google PlayStore
  4. Customers can easily checkout using Apply Pay or Android Pay
  5. It also offers access to mobile-exclusive features like push notifications or geography based promotional items.
  6. Not like the hybrid apps which merely repackages the entire website. ShopApp enables you to use all the features of synchronizing and integrating with the online store of the retailer.

For more information about the software, the ways it could be used and the advantages it has on offer, customers can check Ecwid’s website. It is a leap towards simplicity and affordability in the field of ecommerce apps which can be compared to the evolution that was brought by sites like WordPress and Weebly for website creation. Although, the platform is especially for those who already have an online store, this app can be easily used by people looking to launch their own online store.

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