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Zipper Boat Unzips The Naughty Ocean’s Pants

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki built this boat to look as if it were unzipping the water if seen from an airplane or helicopter. The effect is quite good and the ocean seems to love it, dirty slut that it is. Seriously, a $250 dinner and you never call? Screw you ocean! Virgin my ass. After the jump check out the ...

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Under The Sea: Crochet Coral Reef

For once, we’ve come across a product that is handmade and not featured on Etsy. This time, we have a coral reef that was painstakingly crocheted and set up on a table. Take a step back and squint hard enough. You might find that this coral reef looks pretty damn real from a distance. Amazing detail and true craftsmanship are ...

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The “Banshee” Shrimp

While actually called the “pistol shrimp,” its characteristics make it more befitting of the title: banshee. Despite their small size, pistol shrimp are capable of letting loose a sound of 218 decibels that stuns their prey before they devour them. The pressure wave produced by such a sound is capable of killing a small fish. It’s like a gunshot emanating ...

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Dead Sea Scrolls: New Exit On The Information Super Highway

For those not familiar with the Dead Sea Scrolls, they are the only known surviving copies of Biblical documents made before 100 AD. So, it’d be nice to try and preserve them in any way possible. What better way to insure its longevity than the immortal internet? Now, not only is the oldest Hebrew record of the Old Testament discovered ...

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Festo AirJelly Swims Through The Air Like It’s The Ocean

When we saw the robot which revealed how sea creatures might first have set slithery fin on land, we never imagined that other aquatic life-form robots would surface which would amaze with such ease. And then we set eyes on the Festo AirJelly, modeled after the jelly fish, which floats through the air as if the atmosphere was as buoyant ...

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The most extreme camera test in the world: how tough are “tough” cameras?

When we talk about reviewing cameras, most people will think about the image quality, user interface, external design and so on. When those outdoor anti-drop anti-dust anti-splash cameras get reviewed, nobody seems to have the guts to actually test if the camera can really withstand what it claims it can. Chinese site PConline has tested the Olympus [mju:] 770 SW ...

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