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Apple’s back, and with improved, more lovable MacBook specs

Earlier today, Apple’s online store went up and down faster than Jenna Jameson, but even in that brief down time, rumors of updated MacBooks began to pour onto the internet. And here we are, announcing new specs. Goes to show that not every rumor is wrong or fake. The standard new and improved MacBook now comes packed with Intel Core ...

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Peter Moore says “New Xbox in 5 years”

According to Peter Moore, head of the Interactive Entertainment Business division of Microsoft (pictured above), the production team of the Xbox 360 is already working on the follow-up for the popular gaming console. Moore says that Microsoft is looking into what processors will be available around 2011-2012, a sign that this will be around the time of the next 360 ...

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The Mario-phone that never was

You thought Mac was the only media handling company to think about delving into the mobile business? Think again. The above design shows a phone subitted by Nintendo in 2001 to the U.S. patent office. The patent title was “Electronic apparatus having game and telephone functions”. The patent was not approved until June of 2006. The name on the patent ...

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Upgraded Xbox 360 is confirmed by Microsoft, rumors abound

An upgraded Xbox 360? Could it be true? Not right now says Microsoft. They have come out in the public stating that while this picture does confirm that there are upgraded Xbox 360s out there, Microsoft knows all about them. They will not be released to the public, Microsoft has said. Among the upgrades that these systems have are a ...

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65nm processors for the Xbox 360 pushed to mid-2007

If you were waiting for the Xbox 360 to drop in price, don’t hold your breath. One way that manufacturers are able to make their consoles less expensive is by reducing the size of the CPU die. Why does this allow for them to lower prices? Because they are able to fit more processors on a manufacturing run. Another small ...

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New AMD Brisbane processors hit 65nm

The first 65 nanometer chips made by AMD have just arrived. The codename for these chips is Brisbane, and they are a welcome addition to the Athlon 64 line. Probably the most significant part of these new chips is a transition to 65nm from the previously held 90nm AMD CPUs. Like nearly every processor released nowadays, the Brisbane line is ...

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