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Coming Soon: Justification For Your Angry Game Controller Throwing Fits

Back in the day when the Nintendo Wii was first released, there were a whole bunch of broken TVs thanks to Wiimotes thrown in fits of anger at the ‘cheating’ computer character in the game. Philips has a recently revealed patent that shows a gaming system which not only encourages, but demands that you toss around your peripherals.

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Digital Drawer encourages your kids to draw on wall

[ev type=”youtube” data=”b146_atvG4g”][/ev] Anyone with a blooming child knows that little doodles are bound to pop up on your wall at some point. Philips has developed a digital drawing gadget that not only allows children to color on walls, but encourages is it with his non-mess gizmo. The multicolor paintbrush, or “magic wand”, can be dipped into a digital paint ...

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Philips [email protected] phone gives you 30 days of standby and 8.5 hrs of talking

  Philips is relatively unsuccessful in the cellphone market, seriously they are even less popular than the good o’BenQ-Siemens. Today they announced an addition to their Xenium series, with a funky number [email protected] If you rememberthe [email protected]  that was out a long while ago, this would be the follow-up, with markedly improved design and thickness (100.7x44x15.7mm, 77g). The [email protected] is ...

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Philips SRM7500 SlideShow compatible remote for Vista

Are you one of the many people overly excited about the new media center capabilites that are built into Windows Vista? Philips has begun to make its SRM7500 remote that is Vista compatable with a built in display. The display makes use of the SlideShow features to display information pertaining to what you are doing on the computer. While the ...

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Philips AmbiSound HTS8100 wants to replace your entire sound system

Not only does this beautiful piece of technology (the Philips AmbiSound HTS8100) look as if God himself made it, it also has such an inmense amount of technology inside of it that it won the Innovations Award at CES 2007. What is so special about a simple stereo? The fact that the subwoofer is the only unit apart from the ...

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