Philips SRM7500 SlideShow compatible remote for Vista

philips srm7500 remote

Are you one of the many people overly excited about the new media center capabilites that are built into Windows Vista? Philips has begun to make its SRM7500 remote that is Vista compatable with a built in display. The display makes use of the SlideShow features to display information pertaining to what you are doing on the computer. While the remote looks a bit tall/long, it’s fairly skinny both in width and thickness. This remote is has bi-directional radio frequency instead of infared technology to transmit the data to and from the computer. SlideShow is looking like it could be a very interesting feature of Vista; one that will be an area where Vista is one step above OSX. While this remote won’t do you too much good right now, it’s only about 11 days left until Vista is released. It will be released sometime this quarter and no pricing information is currently available. — Nik Gomez

Philips SRM7500 Vista-ready [UberGizmo]

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