Philips AmbiSound HTS8100 wants to replace your entire sound system

philips ambiSound hts8100

Not only does this beautiful piece of technology (the Philips AmbiSound HTS8100) look as if God himself made it, it also has such an inmense amount of technology inside of it that it won the Innovations Award at CES 2007. What is so special about a simple stereo? The fact that the subwoofer is the only unit apart from the actual bar is pretty revolutionary. The SoundBar itself has what is called precise driver positioning (a new technology) that gives it the ability to put out 5.1 surround sound without the 5 different speakers. The Ambisound SoundBar also comes with a DVD player built in so that no matter what you might be watching or playing on your TV or AmbiSound, it will sound as if you are back in the local theatre. The video quality offered by this product is just another part that jusitifies its pretty hefty price tag of $999. It is able to put out 1080p, something that is moving to the forefront of video tech. Another nice video feature is that it is capable of upscaling your video content to 1080i if it hasn’t hit that bar yet. The HTS8100 will be available in second quarter 2007. — Nik Gomez

Philips Ambisound  HTS8100 [via Newlaunches]

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