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National’s electric hair trimmer replaces barber convex-edged scissors

The good thing about using electric hair trimmers over traditional scissors would be speed, the problem is the edge is usually unnaturally smooth, giving you the Gwen Stefani mushroom-look. So most people, invariably would need a combination of both: a pair of convex-edged scissors as well as the electrical shaver. Matsushita (National branded) has ended this hassle today with their ...

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DoCoMo announces 703i series, BRAVIA SO903iTV and double internal screen D800iDS

Just 4 hours after AU KDDI’s announcement, NTT DoCoMo announced the new WCDMA 703i series in Tokyo. Nothing out of our expectation as we wrote about before. Also announced are the SonyEricsson BRAVIA SO903iTV DMB phone and Mitsubishi’s double-internal screen D900iDS, both of which Gearfuse premiered on Sunday. The 703i series is the mid-low end of DoCoMo’s 3G portfolio, so ...

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National’s new bloodpressure meter warns users of wrong usage

A lot of people have the habit of keeping their own bloodpressure measurer at home, and it is quite common that these meters are inaccurate. Since they have been out in the market for so long, and even hospitals use automatic bloodpressure meters more than mercury sphygnomanometers nowadays, it tells us that their accuracy has indeed improved throughout the years, ...

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Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones

Panasonic decided to go with a retro look with their new headphones, the RP-HTX7. These headphones incorporate a leather style headband, pastel painted headphones, and large cup headphones to bring back that look of the good-ole days. Not only does Panasonic give the RP-HTX7 a cool design, but they also give them cool features. Some of the features include 40mm ...

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Panasonic camcorders go HD

In an attempt at stealing some of the HD market (and I guess at producing crappy movies?), Panasonic has joined the HD club by announcing their two new HD camcorders. For those who love the Panasonic brand of personals camcorders, but also have always wished to analyze the pores in their children’s faces, can now have the brand recognition they’ve ...

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Panasonic makes thinnest speaker…EVAR!

At an incredibly anorexic size of 1.5mm, the boys (and ladies, perhaps?) over at Panasonic can now say they have produced the thinnest speaker of all time. Now, the bragging ensues, huzzah! Panasonic has slimmed down their previous model, which was a staggering 2.5mm, a 40% decrease. Come on guys, couldn’t squeeze one more tenth of a millimeter out? With ...

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