Panasonic makes thinnest speaker…EVAR!

panasonic thinnest speaker

At an incredibly anorexic size of 1.5mm, the boys (and ladies, perhaps?) over at Panasonic can now say they have produced the thinnest speaker of all time. Now, the bragging ensues, huzzah! Panasonic has slimmed down their previous model, which was a staggering 2.5mm, a 40% decrease. Come on guys, couldn’t squeeze one more tenth of a millimeter out? With the PED’s (Panasonic Electronic Device) reduction, we can now look forward to even THINNER cellphones. Soon we will all be talking into a cellphone that’s in danger of creasing in your pocket like a receipt, you wait and see.

Despite its stature, Panasonic insists that there is no loss in sound quality, so the sound of your mother-in-law’s voice will be as shrill as ever. Expect to see this PED in production by May of 2007, that is if they can find the machinery delicate enough to produce them. With such a thin design, they’re gonna have to start using the same machines the Treasury uses to make dollar bills.


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