National’s electric hair trimmer replaces barber convex-edged scissors

matsushita national er5209

The good thing about using electric hair trimmers over traditional scissors would be speed, the problem is the edge is usually unnaturally smooth, giving you the Gwen Stefani mushroom-look. So most people, invariably would need a combination of both: a pair of convex-edged scissors as well as the electrical shaver. Matsushita (National branded) has ended this hassle today with their new electric hair trimmer (or personal groomer, as they call it), what it does is that the blade randomly selects the fine threads of hair to cut, and leaving some untouched, simulating how the barber clutch a bit of your hair and cut it with the convex-edged scissors. The trimmer is also waterproof, so you can flush it under the tap. There’s also a style-guide that comes with the kit, should you pick it up in Japan in March, for $80. — Sam Chan

Matsushita National ER5209 hair groomer [Impress]

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  1. please send me information on any electrical hair scissors that you may have, i cut hair for a living but i got carpotunnel and is getting very hard to use my fingers, any sugestion will be helpfull thanks Sam

  2. This Hair Trimmer is nice and durable.

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