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Quirky Cordies Makes Desktop Cord Management Possible

Cord Management

If you’re a tech freak like most of us around here then the chances are that your desk is a tangled mess of cords. Sure, you might organize them with toilet roll tubes but what about when you want to actually use them? Well, check out Quirky Cordies! Quirky Cordies are a cheap way to keep your cords organized while ...

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How To Organize Your Garage Clutter

Professional 14 Drawer Tool Chest & Roller Cabinet

Gear heads have a tendency to accumulate clutter. Sure, we know where everything is but once in a while things tend to get "misplaced." So today we're taking a look at how you can organize your garage clutter while avoiding shopping at those artsy craftsy stores.

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5 Awesome Space Saving Layouts

Small Living Space

When it comes to being a nerd, things can get quite cluttered very quickly which is why we are in love with these awesome space saving layouts! Whether you're a nerd like us or whether you are just looking for a way to live efficiently in a very small living space, you will find some great inspiration in these space saving layouts!

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Organizing Your Home Pinterest Style

Cord Organizing

With so many gadgets lying around this place things get pretty cluttered. One of our favorite places to look for organization tips is Pinterest...what can't you find on Pinterest? So today we're sharing some of our favorite home organization tips for tech lovers like us!

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Doorganizer Guarantees You Remember Your Damn Keys

As a professional key… forgeter… person, I know the importance of having a steady spot to lay down your shit. If I didn’t have “a spot” I’d just throw my keys anywhere and everywhere. Hell, I’d probably just throw them across the room for the fuck of it. But the Doorganizer changes all of that, boring prick that it is. ...

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Gaming Towers Keep Your Consoles Organized

Organization is always an issue with gaming consoles. Wires get tangled, controllers get left strewn across the floor, games are left out of their cases. It can develop into a nightmare. The Xbox and Wii gaming towers (it appears someone has something against Sony) helps keep your console, controllers and games in order. Each tower has designated spots for each ...

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Battery Collector Gets Your Batteries Out of the Junk Drawer

Even people with above-average organization skills sometimes have a rough time keeping track of full batteries. Somewhere in your house, you likely have a junk drawer. And in that junk drawer is doubtless no less than 10 batteries of varied remaining energy levels. The Battery Collector is an all-in-one solution to battery organization and level testing. Shelf slots offering a ...

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Picket Fence Keeps Cables Hidden, Untangled

Remember in school how all the network cables stayed hidden with those nice plastic shells that went up and down the walls and side to side on the floors? Wish you could do the same for your home? Now you can, thanks to Brooklyn-based designer Karl Zahn. His Picket Fence project looks to keep your cable collection tucked away behind ...

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The Computer Desktop Made Real

Ever wished your home could be as organized as your computer desktop? Well, not me, my desktop is an utter mess. But those of you who like the simple organization that your desktop offers, check out this project that brought the desktop alive. The project put paper files with a desktop-like background on the wall, along with pixelated looking titles, ...

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Tune Tether ranks up there with pocket protectors

The Tune Tether is an invention that will probably make you sad. Why? Because it’s an invention that you could have created by yourself. It solves a problem that nearly everyone has had one time or another. When you are listening to your music through headphones and someone wants to talk to you, although your first reaction might be to ...

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