Organizing Your Home Pinterest Style

With so many gadgets lying around this place things get pretty cluttered. One of our favorite places to look for organization tips is Pinterest…what can’t you find on Pinterest? So today we’re sharing some of our favorite home organization tips for tech lovers like us!

Cord Organizing

Organize your technical cords by using simple bulldog clips to hold them to the side of your desk.

Cup Organizers

Cheap plastic cups make great storage solutions when paired with pegboards. Use these to store markers, stylus, flash drives and cables.

Tech Storage

If you’re like us then you’re sitting in a room that is scattered with spare computer parts and cords and cables that you haven’t got around to using yet. This is the perfect use of a bookshelf and cheap plastic storage bins. Label each bin as you want and keep everything organized and readily accessible.

Cord Storage

Toilet paper rolls make the perfect solution for power cord/USB cord storage. Just pin a couple to your cork board and slip the cords inside! No, you don’t have to decorate yours like this!

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