Tune Tether ranks up there with pocket protectors

tunetetherThe Tune Tether is an invention that will probably make you sad. Why? Because it’s an invention that you could have created by yourself. It solves a problem that nearly everyone has had one time or another. When you are listening to your music through headphones and someone wants to talk to you, although your first reaction might be to ignore them, once you commit to taking your earbuds out, the Tune Tether comes into action. It is basically a piece of plastic that curves around your neck and has two notches for the wires to go into. If you just put your cords into the notches when you put the earbuds in, when you need to take them out for just a second, the Tune Tether keeps them neat and near to your ears so that you don’t have a hastle when you want to put them back in. One problem, you are certain to get made fun of if someone notices that you have something that is made to keep your wires organized. So what do you have to pay for this simple piece of plastic? $9.99 each or a three pack for $19.99. — Nik Gomez

TuneTether [via Gearlog]

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