Quirky Cordies Makes Desktop Cord Management Possible

If you’re a tech freak like most of us around here then the chances are that your desk is a tangled mess of cords. Sure, you might organize them with toilet roll tubes but what about when you want to actually use them? Well, check out Quirky Cordies!

Cord Management

Quirky Cordies are a cheap way to keep your cords organized while in use and they come in a variety of nifty colors including black, blue, pink and white. Each of the Cordies has four slots for cords with rubber grips to hold the cords in place. Each Cordie also has a weighted base to ensure that it doesn’t slip off your desk. We like the Cordie not only because of its low price point (think between $5 to $10 a piece), but also because it is relatively small and takes up minimal desk space.

Each of the [amazon link=”B004GUS4XK” title=”Cordies”] can also be used to hold more than one cable at once if you choose to do that. We prefer one cable per slot just to make sure that everything stays nice and neat but if your desk is loaded down with cables then you might find yourself putting multiple Cordies to double use.

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