5 Awesome Space Saving Layouts

When it comes to being a nerd, things can get quite cluttered very quickly which is why we are in love with these awesome space saving layouts! Whether you’re a nerd like us or whether you are just looking for a way to live efficiently in a very small living space, you will find some great inspiration in these space saving layouts!

Under Stairs Shelving
Via Pinterest User Lanette Fagina

The understairs storage idea is seldom used but it’s a great way to utilize the space that you have for storage.

In Closet Office Space
Via writingthislife.com

Even smaller walk-in closets are a great place to set up a small workspace.

Mail Area
Via operationorganization-mn.com

Rather than placing a large table or chest in the foyer this simple solution provides a command center for mail, reminders and keys without taking up too much usable space.

Children's Bedroom
Via organizingmadefun.blogspot.com

Whether you have a smaller than intended home or larger than intended family, this three-way bunk bed is a great solution for space saving sleeping arrangements.

Small Living Space
Via Pinterest User Marie Bright

This is the ultimate in space saving organization and we love it!

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