5 Inspirational People to Get You Moving

It is pretty easy to get sucked in to keeping up with the Jones’s, the “poor me’s” and the “why me’s,” but today we want to feature 5 inspirational people who can jolt you right out of that self pity.

These five inspirational people will motivate you in no time!

Gemini Donnelly Martin
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#1. Gemini Donnelly Martin, Amanda Martin and Ingrid Loyau-Kennett

Gemini Donnelly Martin and her mother in addition to Ingrid Loyau-Kennett recently made news when they confronted two attackers in London. The women requested that they be permitted to sit beside the side of attacked British soldier drummer Lee Rigby so that he not die alone. The women risked their own lives to provide comfort to a dying soldier whom they had never met before.

Zach Sobiech
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#2. Zach Sobiech

Zach Sobiech died shortly following his 18th birthday on 20 May, 2013. Before his death however, Zach inspired millions of people through music. His song “Clouds” was a hit on YouTube and was a tool that Zach wanted to leave for his family to remember him by. Overall though, this inspirational teen left a legacy of hope.

#3. The Owners of La Trobada Restaurant

La Trobada restaurant in Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain deserves recognition for their work exchange scheme. The restaurant believes that just because individuals have been affected by unemployment and financial hardship, they still deserve a good meal. The restaurant allows those who cannot pay for their meals, to put in an hour of work at the restaurant instead.

Tony Tolbert
Image Copyright CBS

#4. Tony Tolbert

51 year old Los Angeles lawyer, Tony Tolbert has really made a difference in the lives of one homeless family. Tolbert moved back in with his parents and donated his home to complete strangers when a homeless family proved to be in need. Tolbert has left his home fully furnished and donated it to the family in need for one full year.

Stuart Stone
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#5. Stuart Stone

Salt Lake City barber, Stuart Stone has spent each Monday of the past 19 years at Weigand Homeless Day Center in Salt Lake City giving haircuts to the homeless. Stone hopes that these free haircuts will help to jump start job searches for many of those at the center. Stone was inspired to make this difference when his partner died from AIDS and he wanted something worthwhile to spend his time doing.

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