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Renewable Energy Revolving Door: Siphon Power From Holiday Tramplers

At Gearfuse, we’re all about world firsts. World’s first person to not shit after drinking a gallon of prune juice or world’s first ninja dog are the kinds of world firsts we’re used to seeing. How about the world’s first energy generating revolving door? That’s the idea behind this revolving door built by Boon Edam. It harvests the kinetic energy ...

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What’s In A Bag?

Ever wonder what other gadgeteers are carrying around inside their laptop bags? Surely a computer of some sort and a phone, but what about all that other junk bulging at the seams? Core77 has a great Flickr roundup of photos that showcase the inside of people’s bags. Among some of the items included, we found a joystick, SD cards, books, ...

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