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A $20 Price Cut For The Nook


It's hard to compete in the eReader market these days. Not too long ago we shared news about the Amazon Kindle Fire HD becoming the "basic Kindle fire." Well, the Nook has stepped up its game with a $20 price drop.

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Amazon Now Selling More E-Books Than Paper Books

Amazon, since April 1, has sold 105 books for its Kindle e-reader for every 100 hardcover and paperback books. While this is a milestone for e-books and Amazon, digital copies of books still only make up 14% of all books sold. Still, the fact this milestone happened this fast, has Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezoz smiling ear to ear.

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Keyboard Organizer Says No To Desk Drawers

Normal desk drawers have a habit of turning from organized pictures of productivity into junk drawers in a matter of days. The PS2 Keyboard Desktop Organizer has a little nook for all of your desk odds and ends, while compressing all of the things you need into your desktop keyboard peripheral. Sure, keyboards can get much thinner than this relativly ...

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