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Sony’s High Quality Camera For Cellphones

Today, Sony announced its new breakthrough in cellphone cameras with a camera that’s as powerful, if not more, than my handheld Canon. It’s managed to shrink the size of the sensor down so much, that a 12.25-megapixel, 28mm equivalent CMOS camera can now fit within a cellphone. On top of image quality and detail comparable to most point and shoot ...

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Olympus SP-550UZ: More on the camera that zooms paparazzi style

The Olympus SP-550UZ, which we posted about in January, is a camera for the shy. You don’t have to be all that near to people to take some intimate looking photos. The SP-550UZ has a 18x optical zoom, a ridiculous amount. To put it in perspective, many mid-range point and shoots have a optical zoom of 3x. At the high ...

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New Sony low/mid level cameras up the ante on features and price

Sony cameras have had quite strong reactions from techies everywhere. As with many other Sony products, the proprietary MemoryStick is Sony’s media card of choice. Sony has released a new line of low to mid range cameras that range in price of $150-$200, a 7 megapixel sensor is quite a nice feature for that price. Coupled with the large LCDs ...

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Samsung i70 puts 2 in 1, PMP & Digital Camera

So this product by Samsung is being released alongside of every 99999 other products being released at CES. At first glance it looks like the next iteration of the new digital cameras aimed at kids that are sleek and look cool. Not so. Just take a look here: – 7.2 Megapixel resolution – 3x optical zoom lens – 3.0-inch LCD ...

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