Olympus SP-550UZ: More on the camera that zooms paparazzi style


The Olympus SP-550UZ, which we posted about in January, is a camera for the shy. You don’t have to be all that near to people to take some intimate looking photos. The SP-550UZ has a 18x optical zoom, a ridiculous amount. To put it in perspective, many mid-range point and shoots have a optical zoom of 3x. At the high level of zoom the camera still maintains 7.1 MP quality.

The ISO level is able to reach 5000, though a considerable amount of quality is loss, bringing the megapixel count down to three. Not only can the camera handle RAW and JPEG files, but can take video at 30fps. Enough zooming quality to pick up Paris Hilton’s next foul up.


Andrew Dobrow

SP-550UZ, the new Olympus camera [Akihabaranews]

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